Draft Regional Plan
Posted for public review.
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Public Meetings
February 1 and 2, 2011
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It is with great excitement that the Corner Brook-Humber Valley Regional Planning Advisory Authority, which represents seven local area municipalities, has initiated this regional planning exercise for the Corner Brook-Humber Valley Region in partnership with the Department of Municipal Affairs and other provincial departments with custodial interests in the area. The region for this planning study, in which approximately 32,000 people reside, encompasses the areas from Corner Brook to Cormack, including Pasadena, Steady Brook, Deer Lake, Reidville, Massey Drive, Boom Siding, Little Rapids, Pynn’s Brook, St. Jude’s, Humber Village, and Humber Valley Resort.

The need for long term planning in the region is required by increasingly complex land use issues that have emerged over the past decade. By establishing a framework, the Corner Brook-Humber Valley Regional Plan will ensure that proper development plans are in place so that the region can be developed and managed in an organized and responsible manner. As such, the Corner Brook–Humber Valley Regional Plan will ultimately manage the challenges we face today while positioning the region for the future.